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Most Kindred, Acolyte or not, will describe Amrit in a number of ways; aloof, intimidating, eccentric, striking, exacting and persistent, to name a few. But no matter how poetically (or not) they put it, all of those ways essentially boil down in the end to "stubborn, unmitigated bitch".


Player: Kat Schonheyder, of Seattle, Washington



Current Name: Amrit (AHM-reht)

Known Aliases from the past: Maya (as a Ghoul), Nisha Morosini, Kamala Grecco, Amrit Perkash, Victoria Stewart

Clan: Likley Daeva (Status 0: a number of known or infamously known Daeva claim to be blood relation to her, or vice versa. There are some, however, who are certain that she is Mekhet - and further might be Khaibit - and there are others who suspect she could in fact be Ventrue.)

Age: She appears to be between the ages of 20 and 25. Her exact age unknown, though her names have circulated among the Circle since the early 1200’s. She professes to be older than she can possibly hope to remember, or care too much about.

Location: Amrit apparently maintains havens in a number of cities, most notably Seattle, where she is Heirophant, Phoenix and New York City.

Known Current & Former Students: Jordan di Milan, Billy Joe Bob Johnston, Tara Elizabeth Stewart, The Nameless, Raphael di Molinari

Quote: "All things must be sundered to be made whole."

Things Known or Rumoured in the Kindred Population

Amrit is best known to others as Mrs. Victoria Stewart, a (then) quiet Acolyte who established and ran the Vermillion House of Vermillion, Kansas, back in the mid-late 1800's.

Amrit is said to be the brood mate or some other relation of Julia Kincaid, whom she often calls Baheen, which a Sanskrit word meaning blood-sister. Her primary city of residence is said to be Seattle, Washington, though she's been known to frequent the city of New York, along with Washington DC, Orlando and Phoenix, and she occasionally pops up in the state of New Hampshire.

Though she herself is incredibly reserved, she is often seen in the company or known to be working with a number of notable and generally more personable Elders, including the leaders of a number of Cities and Covenants - Xavier Ellison of Seattle, Prince David Baron of Seattle, Grand Duke Aleksandyr Evengii of Orlando, Prince Emeritus Barnabus Kensington of Los Angeles, Prince Cynric St. George of Portsmouth, Prince Amon (or Brogan) of Bangor, Lord Cadyern, Simon Cassio of New York City, and Cardinal Carlo Giolotti of the Pacific North West.

Common Knowledge within the Circle

Little is actually known about Amrit's particular form of Faith, mostly because most Acolytes are less than willing to ask her about it, though also because she has been a primarily autonomous practitioner of her Faith. She is known as a Challenger, though if she is currently active among the Acolytes in that respect, her activity is subtle. She is also known to be a confessor-of-sorts to a number of Acolytes (as well as members of some other covenants). She has maintained her Hierophancy in the city of Seattle, despite her obviously nomadic nature, for over 50 years.

Despite her extremely anti-social nature, she is as well-known for her longevity within and support to the Circle, having served as a Ghoul to Kindred in the fringe elements of Goddess-worshipping Hindu sects which were eventually subsumed into the Circle. She's also known just as well for the company she keeps, being frequently seen with Lady V, Urvi Ajay Ayushmati, Roweena, Julia Kincaid, Felipe Saunier, and Yamagami Seiko, along with her student Jordan di Milan.

Additional Rumours and Stories

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  • Amrit is actually a sympathizer of VII, and has been helping to infiltrate Kindred Courts and arrange the destruction of key Kindred for years.
  • Amrit hates all men.
  • Through a secret and heinous Cruác ritual that Amrit developed in tandem with Yamagami Seiko, theses two Acolytes have enslaved the souls of a number of prominent Kindred, including Cynric St. George, Julia Kincaid, Grace Morgenstern, Lord Cadeyrn, and Xavier Ellison through a bond more powerful than the Vinculum.
  • Amrit is actually part of a secret lineage, with goals of controling all of kindred soceity.
  • There appears to be a subtle disagreement between Amrit and Julia Kincaid's child, Roland le Moissonneur. The nature of this feud, as well as it's origins, remains whispered about, yet firm details are few in number.
  • Amrit and Kato Allen have been in a secular romantic relationship throughout the years.
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